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Spanish Blog 365: offering you an exciting, in-depth, personal journey into the Spanish language and culture.


On Monday, March 27, 2017 Spanish Blog 365, we started at a level 1, a beginning Spanish lesson, and we have continued to progress through the year to more advanced Spanish.
If you’ve arrived after this starting date and are a beginning student. You can easily go back to Post 1 (March 27, 2017), and follow along at your own pace.

Get yourself a notebook or journal and start decorating it up with authentic materials that you find on your Spanish travels. Make it personal, make it yours.
Carry it with you daily, take notes, doodle and watch your Spanish grow this year!


365 posts to get you closer to fluency:

  • Social, travel, business
  • grammar, vocabulary, culture
  • read, write, speak,
  • exploration, willingness, curiosity
  • humorous, serious, challenging
  • academic, practical, fascinating!


Just 5-15 minutes a day of engaging mini-lessons that will give you insights into Spanish and adult language learning.

9 things you can expect and how to best benefit from this year:

  1.  Day one is lesson one.  We’ll start at the very, very beginning laying a strong foundation. March 27, 2017
    If you already know some Spanish, it could be tempting to wait until the topics feel more challenging, however, I encourage you to follow along from the beginning as a way to refresh and fine-tune your skills.
  2. If you are a beginning student arriving on these pages mid-year or beyond, you’ll still find useful phrases, vocabulary lists, and cultural tips in the Posts, but go back to the 1st posts (March 27) and catch-up at your own pace.  You can also learn a lot in the reference section.
  3. Many days will be stand-alone lessons, others will build for several days. Read daily or catch-up a few times a week.
  4. Every week you’ll find grammar, vocabulary building, tips and culture. You’ll also have daily Action Steps to do in your journal.
  5. Sometimes I’ll use grammar words like conjugating verbs, past participles, gerunds, etc…
    This is so you can reference the topic further in Spanish books that you may have around the house.
  6. We’ll highlight an occupation weekly offering keywords and phrases that anyone in that field might like to know. There will be 52 different careers posted this year!
    Even if you don’t work in a particular occupation you may consume their product or service and therefore would still benefit from the vocabulary.
  7. Although this blog is written for the adult learner; several lessons will be fun for the whole family.
  8. There’s going to be a lot of information over the year.  Fill your journal. Take what works best for you and leave the rest behind.  Don’t feel like you have to memorize it all!
  9. My teaching philosophy is “quality in, equals quality out”.  As a second language, I think it’s important to put your best foot forward and be as polite as possible.
  10. Welcome to the SpanishBlog365.com journey!

Hi! My name is Carolyn
and I’ll be your instructor.    I’m so excited and pleased to have you here.
I learned Spanish as an adult and I’m here to show you that you can, too!

I’ve built my entire career around Spanish for the last 30 years.  My bachelor’s degree is in Spanish.
I studied at the UPR (Universidad de Puerto Rico, in Río Piedras) and Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colorado.

My career began by teaching English as a second language to Spanish-speakers in an adult literacy program, and later I discovered teaching Spanish to adults.
Combining the two is where I fell in love with my work!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with over 4,275 adults from diverse backgrounds and Spanish experience levels. Sometimes I teach 20 or more classes a week.  My students have taught me a tremendous amount of Spanish by bringing their questions and worldly experiences to class.
Language is huge. We can’t possibly know it all. One of my goals here is to create the kind of community where we share experiences and broaden each other’s understanding and abilities.

Being based in Denver, a lot of my experience is around the Southwestern United States. Some stories will be specific to this area, but I’ve also used my Spanish in Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Peru, Bolivia, Spain, East Berlin, when the wall was still up, Morocco and Fiji. (Stay tuned).



You’ll want a notebook or a nice journal and a favorite pen for the year. Below you’ll see mine.  I got very creative one day and spent hours clipping favorite phrases and pictures from “authentic materials” that I’ve collected over the years on my travels.  If you feel creative make an inspired notebook for this experience.

Some of you might be saying “paper?” what’s that? For you, a file or memo on your phone works just as well! We’ll just need a space to record the experience.

I love Spanish!  I can talk about if for hours. Verb tenses and conjugations excite me as does reading the dictionary.  Ok…TMI! Anyway, my big challenge will be to keep it to 5-10-15 minutes a day.  I know you are busy as an adult so the plan is…


… poco a poco – little by little and…
…práctica hace maestro/a  
 practice makes perfect/practice makes a teacher

I’m so excited about sharing this year of language with you!
I hope you stay for the entire 365-day journey and that your Spanish soars.
Share this with your friends who are also learning Spanish. It’s a great motivator to learn with a friend or family member.

Tell your friends, find a partner and let’s learn Spanish.

Please leave comments in the comment boxes:
ask questions about Spanish tell me what you’d like to learn, share a recent experience you’ve that involved Spanish

You can also email me at carolyn@spanishblog365.com

Thanks again for being here!  I’ll see you in the posts.


P.S.  If you’re lucky enough to live in the beautiful Denver area and want to take classes directly with me, you can find more information at www.simplyspanish.net.

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